My Divine Offerings

Choose your path..

The Erotic Pathway

Let your body enjoy this immersive and explorative journey that invites individuals to embrace their desires, explore their own sexuality, and delve into the realms of Eros, BDSM, and Tantra. This is a consent-driven, trauma-informed, 1:1 session tailored to your needs & desires. Here you can expect to learn how to use various tools and modalities to expand your capacity for pleasure. Inquire about couples packages*

Points of Exploration:

  • Empowered Play
  • Erotic Rites & Rituals
  • Shibari & Sensory Rope
  • Concious Erotic Touch

Through these erotic playdates you’ll have the chance to explore your sexuality in a safe and empowered way, while learning about the importance of negotiation, aftercare, and emotional well-being within these practices. Does this sound like fun to you? Let’s play together.

The Somatic Pathway

Embark on a life changing journey that mirrors the very essence of life itself – from conception to creation and ultimately, a birthing of a new energy, a new you. As a somatic healer, I invite you to explore a transformative experience that integrates the soma and the sutra; somatic experiencing, plant medicine and integrative wellness. In the tapestry of life, we often lose sight of our true selves. Society’s demands and our own inner doubts distort the radiant soul that resides within. Somatic Rebirth is your passage to peel back the layers of conditioning, revealing the authentic self that has patiently awaited your rediscovery.

Trimester by trimester you will grow through:

  • Conception: Planting The Seeds Of Your Intention – Intake & Intention Setting Ritual
  • Creation: Nurturing Your Growth & Personal Discovery – Human Design Reading, Shadow-work Alchemy, Somatic Self Discovery
  • Birth: Emerging Into The World On Your Own Terms – Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony, Rebirthing Reimagined, Soul Naming Ceremony, Integration & Post-Integrative Support

This is a session for those who are looking to emerge from the shadows and step into the light of their life. An unearthing ceremony for you to reclaim your true self and bury who you were told to be. If this sounds like an opportunity your soul has been searching for, I am here to offer the space, support and guidance you need to experience rebirthing a new you.


Integration is a large part of this work and here it is not optional. You will be given access to 1:1 integration coaching sessions with me following your journey. Integration serves as the bridge between your journey and everyday life. It allows you to fully embrace and benefit from the transformative potential of your experience while providing you with the support to process through any challenges and move forward more purposefully and authentically.

Together, we’ll embark on this sacred journey—a voyage that will lead you to the life you’ve always desired. Ready to be reborn?

The Education Pathway

Through carefully curated workshops and classes, I guide participants in engaging lessons that’ll awaken their senses to learning. My experience educating has given me the skill to effectively navigate the complex and sometimes sensitive topics sex ed. covers in a fun and memorable way. Have me as an educator.

Some topics have included:

  • Consent & Communication
  • Pleasure & Orgasm
  • BDSM, Kink, Tantra
  • LGBTQIA+ Sexuality
  • Sex & Relationships, Ethical Non-monogamy
  • Sexual Health & Wellness
  • Porn Literacy

Do you have questions about sex related topics or your intimate relationships? Need to consult with an experienced sex educator or intimacy professional? I am available to couples and individuals interested in consultation or lessons through private coaching sessions. If you are interested in this opportunity, contact me. Consult with an intimacy coach.

As an experienced educator and public speaker, I am also available to share my expertise and insights on various platforms. Whether it’s contributing to panels, podcasts, productions, or engaging with audiences on other educational platforms I’m always excited to participate in expansive discussions. Have me as a public speaker.

As a retreat host it’s a pleasure to hold space for groups over our time together. There’s a special bonding that tends to happen and I enjoy creating learning themes around that and encouraging guest participation. Have me as your retreat host or workshop facilitator.

Embody Luxury

Enchant Your Experience

I love being able to infuse parts of my offerings with my passions. Any one of the pathways can be elevated to a luxurious experience tailored to transport the client to new realms of embodied pleasure and abundance. Great for couples, intimate groups or small communities.

The moment you arrive, you will be welcomed into an atmosphere of serenity and attention to detail. Setting is a pivotal part of any journey. Find yourself nestled amongst breathtaking natural surroundings. Gourmet cuisine will cater to your palate, crafted using locally sourced ingredients that nourish and awaken the senses. Your holistic well-being is important to me, enjoy

  • Yoga
  • Meditation & Breathwork
  • Reiki Attunement, Sound Healing
  • Bodywork & Massage
  • Human Design & Astrology Readings
  • Classes & Workshops

in serene settings performed by expert practitioners. Every experience is thoughtfully designed to foster personal growth, inner reflection, and a deeper connection to nature. Whether you seek rest, a transformative healing experience, or a blissful sanctuary to reconnect with your inner self, this luxurious retreat option offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the richness of your reality. Learn how you can expand your pathway here.