Let Love Lead The Way..

Let go of shame. Let go of unfulfillment and usher in a feeling like no other. Real pleasure exists and it’s obtainable for everyone. I know you want more lover, and more is exactly what you deserve.

It begins with you, and it begins now.

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Nicole Nawaz formerly known as Darling Nicky is a retired pro-black adult film creator with a niche for intimacy. She now works as a sex educator, intimacy coach, sexological bodyworker and intimacy coordinator. She is trained to support individuals, couples and groups in erotic development, sexual embodiment, sex education and trauma release.

She believes not all wounds can be healed through talk based therapy, so touch becomes a necessary tool in locating and letting go of trauma in the body so that we may experience more pleasure in our lives. She is dedicated to helping bring fully inclusive sex education to as many people as she can. If you are interested in working with her click here.

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