Let Love Lead The Way..

Let go of shame, let go of unease and embrace the natural flow of abundance. Pleasure, joy and freedom exist within your reach. I know you crave more, and more is exactly what your here to give yourself.

It begins with you, and it begins now.

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Nicole Nawaz also known as Darling Nicky is a pro-black adult film creator with a niche for intimacy. She now works as a sex educator, intimacy cordinator, sexological bodyworker and psychedelic informed integration coach. She is trained to support individuals, couples and groups in self- & spiritual development, sexual embodiment, sex education, womb healing and trauma release.

She believes not all wounds can be healed through talk based therapy, so energetic touch becomes a necessary tool in locating and letting go of trauma in the body. We all have baggage but the practice is in packing light. She is happily dedicated to helping bring comprehensive, trauma-informed education to as many communities as she can. Learn more about her here.

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