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Nicole Nawaz
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Hello, I’m Nicole Nawaz, an intimacy coach, sacred sex worker and a semi-retired independent adult film-maker. A student of tantra and a teacher of yoga philosophy and somatic sex education. As an artist, intimacy has always been my niche. I believe sexuality and spirituality go hand in hand. I abide by the principles of self-love and healing; I teach that intention is the key to magic and conscious actions.

My purpose is to connect people with their intimate selves through pleasure seeking so that they may be able to experience it in their daily lives and use it to build intimate connections in their own relationships. The erotic is all around us, life was meant to be enjoyed.

I am a mentor to some, an inspiration to many and a breath of fresh air to all those I meet. Give yourself what you deserve, indulge and be enlightened, join me and choose to transform your love life. Lets work together.

Sex & Intimacy Coaching

Through the Institute of ATL Tantra I have been certified as a sexological bodyworker. I offer one-on-one sessions with individuals, couples and all bodied people to assist them on their journey of deepening or developing a sacred connection with sex and pleasure. My offerings are customized to each clients needs, which I gather in an initial consultation with all new clients. We then determine how many sessions will be needed to reach your goals and work together to learn and grow. My existing clients that have built working relationships with me have the privilege to receive new or special services I may be offering at any given time. To become an existing client you must schedule a Discovery Call with me. To book yours today click here.

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