About Me

Nicole Nawaz

Who Am I?

I’m Nicole Nawaz, also known as Darling Nicky. I’m a trauma-informed intimacy coach, coordinator, educator, intuitive healer and adult-film producer. Through my life’s experiences much has been revealed to me about my purpose and I am just thankful to be able to offer my gifts in service to this Universe.

In 2022, I founded The SomaSutras, my own private holistic coaching practice where somatic sex education and erotic development meet conscious application. Over the years I have honed many skills along the path of Tantra. From breath-work to movement to meditation, I’ve been trained to support individuals, couples and groups in sexual embodiment, sex education and TRE. I am now offering my gifts through psychedelic and plant medicine facilitation and integration.

It remains a commitment to be adept at teaching others how to integrate these modalities into everyday activities. I strive to remain an advocate for erotic sovereignty and the freedom that exploration and intuitive discovery can give us all. Indulge and be enlightened. Let’s work together.

Sex & Intimacy Coaching

Through the Institute of ATL Tantra I have been certified as a sexological bodyworker. I offer one-on-one sessions with individuals, couples and all bodied people to assist them on their journey of deepening or developing a sacred connection with sex and pleasure. My offerings are customized to each clients needs, which I gather in an initial consultation with all new clients. We then determine how many sessions will be needed to reach your goals and work together to learn and grow. My existing clients that have built working relationships with me have the privilege to receive new or special services I may be offering at any given time. To become an existing client you must schedule a Discovery Call with me. To book yours today click here.