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Nicole Nawaz
“I would recommend Nicole to anyone interested in creating a sacred relationship with sex, themselves and their partners.” – James N.
"My greatest takeaway from this retreat is when you are willing to show up in full truth and acceptance of yourself, those in your experience will mirror you." - Jasmine A.
She is empowering women to conquer insecurities, step in their powerful energy and love every part of themselves while demanding the energy that they deserve in the most loving way." - Bianca G.
“Nicole takes topics which can feel overwhelming and intimidating and makes them feel accessible, friendly, and fun. She’s highly skilled at meeting people where they’re at and helping them navigate the emotional anxiety that surrounds these topics. It’s a delight to learn from her.” – Martin D.


The main component of my work is personalized, private coaching for individuals and couples. Coaching provides you with an expert, grounded, outside perspective. Together, we work to find where you’re getting stuck and figure out a way forward.

The coaching process is uniquely tailored to each client. The only goal is the journey, I take my time and am present every step of the way to assist each client until we both feel ready to end consulting.

Popular coaching topics include:

  • Self-image, body positivity
  • Navigating relationship issues
  • Trying new things, such as open relationships and kinks
  • Discovering and communicating desires and boundaries
  • Navigating ED/ PE
  • Relearning how to experience physical pleasure after birth, death, trauma or loss

Coaching is a process of empowerment meant to help you build the confidence and skills needed to meet your goals. Coaching is available by phone or video no matter where you are. Learn more about sex & intimacy coaching or simply book now.

Somatic Sex Education

Somatic Sex Education is trauma-informed, body based therapy in which clients are guided through curated experiences to encourage complete embodiement and healing. These sessions can include a variety of excercises such as breath-work, movement, boundary-setting, and touch for education, healing, and pleasure.

Every session is client-led. This means that you are in control of what happens during your session. I am here only to assist, educate and affirm you in your process. Pleasure is your birth-right. Choose healing and learn to experience in expanded ways.

Some of the services I offer are:

  • Cuddle Sessions
  • Pleasure Mapping
  • Bathing Ritual & Cacao Ceremony
  • Body Praise & Worship: An affirmative touch practice
  • Sensual & Sensational Rope-Play/ Topping

For clients who are working through particularly traumatic events in their lives, it can be transformative to re-discover and build a healthy relationship with their bodies, and/or relationship with their sexuality through body-based exercises. Interested in a Somatic Sex Education session with me? Book a Discovery Call with me to go over your direct needs so that we can create your Pleasure Plan.

Classes & Workshops

Taking classes or participating in workshops is one of the best ways to dive into new topics. I teach a wide range of subjects and am always happy to customize a class or workshop for your group or venue. I have a growing list of classes available online, that you can move through at your own pace.

Some classes I offer:

  • Orgasmic Yoga
  • Inviting the Intimacy
  • The Art of Aftercare
  • Sensational Sex: A workshop on seducing the senses
  • Fifty Shades of Play: Intro to Kink, BDSM and Rope-play
  • Cliteracy 101: A course on female anatomy and pleasure
  • Morally & Orally: A workshop on oral skills
  • Yes/ No & Everything in Between: A consent workshop

I also specialize in hosting intimate retreat events for groups of 2 or more. Through retreats guests are able to unwind and participate in a variety of activities and workshops depending on the theme of the retreat. Subscribe to my newsletter to learn more about my next retreat.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact me to discuss creating a more personalized class or workshop that fits your needs.

Public Speaking

I offer appearances for panel discussions, podcasts, university lectures and seminars. These presentations can be stand-alone workshops or providing guest speaking to existing events.

Topics have included:

  • Sex Anatomy & General Sex Education
  • Communication and Consent
  • Safety In Advanced Sexual Practices: Kink, Rough Sex, and BDSM
  • Solo & Long Distance Sex Practices
  • Reducing Risk in Partnered Sex

Contact me to discuss having me speak at your event.

Kink Lessons

When exploring new skills, it’s important to move slowly, and make sure you’ve got accurate information. Private video lessons are an ideal way to learn because you can move at your own pace and ask questions. If you are interested in setting up a video lesson click here.

Some lesson topics may include:

  • BDSM skills
  • Aftercare
  • Body worship & partner affirming
  • Meditations & breathing techniques

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